Day 332 of 2011

Self imposed stress trying to create every idea that comes in my head (visual of this came to me last night as I was taking a shower – more later).

Shout out to self (at 9:30 this morning)…GET OFF YOUR ASS AND ON YOUR FEET!

Stepped away from the computer, washed and dried shaped bottle caps for bracelets sold, got dressed in my 30 year old art shirt, loose knit pants and socks.  Didn’t put on makeup – which meant I couldn’t leave the house on impulse to grab a quick latte, lunch or some other lame excuse to escape (HA!)

Thought:  How do creative’s (artists, crafters, musicians, etc.) create without an agenda?  Whether the agenda is another person’s approval, to get published, to teach, to gift, to, to….   I’ve seen an artist’s work and wonder “Ok, now what? – What will you do with it?  How can you make things without a purpose?”  I ask this a lot and my friends (bless them for their patience) give me their opinion.

I can’t believe I’m 59 and still asking the same questions.  I can’t believe my friends still humor me with their opinions 😉

Shutting down the computer to create – which is really my heart’s desire.

Happy 332nd day of 2011.

c2000 – Sharon: 36″ tall cat in dress and hat made for a charity auction