Crown Binding with Atlanta Book Arts Club

I had a blast!! Sunday the group met at my house to make the crown binding (guided by Alisa Golden’s book “Making Handmade Books”) and paint the inside pages (guided by Alisha Golden’s book “Painted Paper”) This is my crown binding book in progress – 4 1/4″ x 4″:

I have to admit I got caught up in the day, having friends over and playing with paper and paint – I forgot to take photos of everyone’s FABULOUS book. Hopefully, they’ll bring their books next month. I’ll take a picture and post it when I do.

This has inspired me to make a book with content (AHHH!) using some of the painting techniques we played with and, with permission from my daughter Laura, using a few of her “internalism” verses – – for content. Laura’s intention is to create a painting for each verse – so far she’s created a painting for “Sugar Water” in the “In Limbo” section. Here are examples of her internalisms (one from each category)…

In Reflection:
Humanity – Sometimes I forget to write; be it emotional or instructional. Sometimes I forget to cry; on the outside and the inside. But I never forget to feel whether I want to or not.

In Limbo:
Wednesday – Most times my voice is encompassed in the fear of saying too much, too little or too wrong. Just right is as common as receiving flowers for hump day.

In Love:
Fine Tune – When I envision you… you are the perfect sound accompanied by the most awesome light. To draw you would require a tuning fork and an exploding star. Since I have neither, I will have to settle for pictures of you that pale in comparison.

Laura’s art emcompasses a variety of media. Painting, drawing, pointillism, web development(she created my website) as well as singing (currently singing locally with the band Evered). She’s immensely talented.