Clamshell box – repurposed Lawyers Reference Book

We’ve moved my web site and blog to WordPress. ¬†While still in the process of updating categories and tags, etc., I realized I hadn’t posted one of my favorite boxes (or if I did I can’t find it ūüėČ

I bought a few lawyers reference books from the yearly local library book sale.  This one I took out the text and made into a clamshell box with two trays.

Lawyers Box Closed

9″ x 11″ x 4″


* ¬†How many trays? ¬†I decided on two since the book was a good 4″ thick.

* ¬†The second tray’s design was determined by the clock affixed to the first tray as a handle. ¬†Two trays with a curved portion of one side to surround the clock handle of the first tray.

* ¬†The first tray rests on one board’s thickness covered with the cover paper and glued to the inside of the box. ¬†The second tray’s rests on the first tray.

* ¬†Black Lotka paper was used for the insides of the trays because it’s a strong black, malleable and a good contrast to the warm colors in the cover paper.

* ¬†All of the box and trays are made from book board (it’s rather easy to get a curve in the book board, as around the clock in the top tray).

* ¬†I wasn’t sure what to do with the inside of the spine and decided on a picture of the scales of justice copied onto a page from the book and distressed, adhered to the inside of the spine.


Lawyers Box Open 1

Box Open with both trays in place

Lawyers Box Open 2

Box Open – shows where the top trays separate to surround bottom tray’s handle when in place.

LawyersBox 2

Box – Open – both trays out


LawyersBox 2