Capt. Crabb

Capt. Crabb (Loran Edwin Crabb – USNR)

Loran “Lee” Crabb was my stepfather. He was a character! This picture reminds me of the fun, sometime audacious, side of him. He was retired Navy, Florida Park Ranger, University of Miami School of Rosenthal ****, Fisherman, Jack of All Trades.

My Mother had 5 girls when she met and married Lee, who had five boys. No, it wasn’t the Brady Bunch by any stretch of the imagination. But we became family.

Lee was care-taking Fisher Island for the University of Miami and living there with Mother when we had an “all hands” (meaning all family) 4th of July picnic. He was barbecuing (on a grill he made out of a metal drum) and it began to rain. He put on his slicker and continued to cook (he got a kick out of this outlandish look). A picture not included in the Celebration Box is that of all the grand kids (approximately 12 at the time) sitting in the hallway with paper plates in their laps, eating Grandpa’s hot dogs.

The Story of Items
Box: Black, store bought 10 3/4″ w x 9″ h x 2 1/2 d ($10)

Background: 12 x 12 patterned paper cut to fit so the “bathing beauty is lying on the bottom and to the left of the box. Tim Holtz distressed inks were used sparingly over the background. I don’t remember the manufacturer – will add it when I find it.

Picture: Authentic picture of Capt.Crabb taken by me.
The picture was taped on top of two contrasting solid colors and distressed by Tim Holtz distress inks.

Quote: “The unexamined life is not worth living. – Socrates” vellum.

Fishing Reel: Vintage Pflueger – Progress 09 – fishing reel (garage sale find – $3.00) Holes were punched thru to the back and the reel held in place by monofilament – no glue was used.

Fishing Lure: Vintage fishing lure (garage sale find – $1.00)
Holes were punched thru to the back and the reel held in place by monofilament – no glue was used.

Netting: On hand

Tumbled pieces of Abalone shell glued to Bathing Beauty’s cap and bottom of picture.

Misc Found Objects: Metal crab (in net); Metal Lobster (on floor of frame Lying in Miami Beach sand) (was an earring); Miami Beach shells; Senior Chief Insignia from one of Lee?s military uniforms; Metal label holder with label; Name typed on antique typewriter.