Even though I don’t write down appointments or many other dates that I need to remember – I love calendars. There are so many design opportunities with calendars.

Soooo – Surprise! Item #2 of my self imposed Medley challenge was a 7 1/2″ x 5″ calendar.

My thought was that with the stand being able to fold flat – it would fit in a small manila envelope and could be sent as a Christmas Card.

Jan through Jun flipped around to show Jul through Dec.

Supplies from the Medley: Six round paper clips, 4 metal corners, a large hinge and 4 eyelets.

Supplies from my Stash: 2 sheets of 12 x 12 thin ply chip board, 3 sheets of Graphic 45 paper for the calendar pages, 6 sheets of 8 1/2 x 11 plain white card stock for the calendar months; 3 sheets black card stock, double sided tape, distress inks and a black Copic marker.

Items of interest:
Stand: Each side of the stand is two pieces of chip board cut at the same time and glued together. I inserted the hinge between the two pieces, subsequently gluing it in place in at the same time. After I glued the paper on the front and back fo the stand I set eyelets in the hinge for stability. Yes, this was overkill – but I got it in my mind that hiding the hinges would help the stand fold flat and I couldn’t let it go until I’d done it. I later muted the colors of the paper on the stand with distress inks and spraying Copic marker E34.

Calendar Months: There are 3 two-sided sheets of Graphic 45 paper cut to size for the months. When Jun is done – you flip the stack around and Jul begins. The months were created in excel (every other day was lightly highlighted) and printed on white card stock. They were backed with black card stock before adhering to the background paper. Every other month shows the back of the Graphic 45 paper – so pictures were cut out of the scraps and glued on for accents.

Monthly Tabs: Any number of items could have been used to designate the months – but I wanted to see what I could use from the Metal Medley so I used the round paper clips. Two pieces of scrap paper, glued only at the very top, were inserted in the paper clip, glued in place and cut around the clip. Strips of blank paper, distressed on the edges, were stamped with the months and glued across the paper circles, under the clips. Because the paper circle inserts were only glued at the very top the bottom could be slipped over the background card – leaving a small area available to be glued to front and back of the calendar page, keeping the tab in place.

That’s it. That’s all the fun I had.