Book Sale – Artists and Crafters Heads Up!

I made these two boxes from repurposed hard back books  (standard size) :

I’ve spent the last two days volunteering for Cobb County Library – assisting in the unpacking and sorting of books for their semi-annual book sale that starts tomorrow (Friday, March 8th) at 9 am and goes thru Sunday.   The sale is held in two buildings at Jim Miller Park.

Considering our local book stores don’t have many books on book binding I wasn’t surprised to find that artists hang on to these books and don’t donate them.  Don’t let that stop you from visiting the book sale.  They have A LOT of books on other subjects (some vintage) that can be used as reference or collage.
However, if you’re a book artist or really, any kind of artist or crafter – you owe it yourself to check this out.

FOLKS!!!  These are the sale prices of the books – NO BOOK over $1.50 !!!  Even the large art books that cost over $60 in the book stores are only $1.50.

Some of the prices I remember:
Hardback Books :   $1.50
Paper Back Books (standard romance, mystery, size) :  $ 0.50
Paper Back Books (larger than standard) :  $1.00
Reader’s Digest Condensed : $ .25 ea or $2.00 box
DVDs/CD’s :  $ 2.00 ea or $ 4.00 boxed set
Magazines :

Categories Building A:
Arts / Music / Architecture / Photography / Movies / Music
African American
Biography / True Crime
Business / Real Estate / Investment & Finance
Cars / Planes / Trucks / Boats
Foreign Language
Georgia & The South
History / Culture & Government Law
Hobbies / Crafts / Sewing / Models / Knitting / Decorating, etc.
Home & Garden
Literature / Poetry / Short Stories / Essays / Drama / Reading Lists / Classics (incl Spark & Cliff Notes)
Medicine & Health / Diet / Exercise / Families / Childbirth
Nature / Animals / Plants / Pets / Minerals / Etc.
Reference / Dictionaries / Atlases / etc.
Sociology / Psychology & Self Help
Text Books, General / Writing
Large Print (All)
Fiction (Hard Back)

Categories Building B:
Children and Youth
Paper Backs (fiction)
DVD / CD / Cassettes / VHS