Book Pendant – MOP Bird on Eggs

I’m finding my way around the blog world – hope you’ll hang in until I get it reasonably right.

Important: Improvise – keep loose – play
Artsy/Crafty: Metal gauge = the smaller the gauge the thicker the metal. I mixed metals – copper sheet and sterling wire. Sometimes that’s not good for me – but here – it wasn’t important. I used a small amount of glue on the pages – the type is immaterial for this project.
Project: I wanted to make something with a 2″x1″ piece of 20 gauge copper that I had bought and remembered a cute pendant featured in the Semiprecious Salvage Book. I’m making art books now and this incorporated treasures I already had on hand. I changed it up but the premise is the same…

Size: Book Only 1 1/8″ x 1″ // Complete with bird and flower 2″x1″.

The copper piece (20 gauge) was difficult for me to get crisp bends in (it was cold in the garage and I wasn’t taking it out there). I found a sheet of copper screen-like metal (24 gauge) in my stash and cut out the size I needed with tin snips – it cut and bent easily. The inspiration piece just had a chunk of blue tourqoise on top. Changing it up to add pebbles of tourquoise for eggs, a mother of pearl bird and red flower gave it a little more interest for me. The pages are from a book that had no value or content interest – cut to fit and burned around the edges.