Book 3" x 3"

The pattern for the binding is in the paper back book – Book Arts by Mary Kaye Seckler. I changed the size and the closure so I could use supplies I had on hand and remnants of signature paper used on other books. Supplies: Flower patterned paper, Blue fiborous paper and Gold Card Stock. The gold card stock is sandwiched between the outer flower paper and the inside fiberous paper so the gold shows thru the fiborous paper. PVA Glue, Gold ink, Eyelets, Gold elastic cord, Blue waxed linen thread, Air dry terracotta clay, Rub on metalics. Process: The binding is easy and fun. I would use it again. Unlike the coptic stitch – the signatures (11 with 6 sheets each) don’t fall open leaving gaps. One of the changes to the process I’ll make on my next book using this binding is to use my Japanese Screw punch to make the holes. By virtue of being highlighted in the slit made for the binding – the holes stand out. It would look cleaner if I had used a hole punch. I made the leaf embellishment to correspond with the pattern on the paper using air dry terracotta clay and rub on metalics after it dried.

Miniature book