Best Stressed

11″ high – vent is 5″ wide

Class with Debra Fritts started on a Monday. By Wednesday my latent artist talent and pent up emotions were flying high. Tuesday evening this dress had arms and the beginning of a neck and head. I woke up Wednesday morning and knew that the head and neck had to come off, the arms shortened (considerably) and her chest torn open to signify my explosion of emotions.

Head: This is a vintage stove release vent. It used to rest in the side of an old stove and was used to vent smoke from the stove. Alan (my rusty guy) would intermittently (thank goodness) come to the Menge flea market with an open trailer full of rusty items. My price range was primarily $1-$5 but once I bought a very rusty, antique, braille paper punch (works along the same lines as a Dymo label maker – not in an art piece yet).

Watch face: Symbolizes the passage of time. I remember feeling a swell of artistic emotion and the slipping of time.
Color: Golden yellow stain fired in. Shading produced by staining with strong coffee.