BE NICE! plus a few more rants…


I’ve done a little impulse shopping around town in the last week and I have to tell ya – folks are PRE-occupied.

I wish folks would (this goes for me too):
–  be “in the moment”.  Be aware of where you are.   Be aware, unless you’re on uninhabited planet, that everything you do involves at least one other person.  BE NICE.
–  say thank you even if you don’t mean it.  It doesn’t have to be accompanied by a smile but you’ll feel better if it does.  BE NICE.
–  say “excuse me or pardon me” when you expect someone to move because you’re coming thru and you’re on a mission.  BE NICE.
–  watch how you park your car and open your car door.  I’d like mine to last the 10 years of warranty it has on it.  Dings in my door make me want to give it back.  No, I don’t think it’s inevitable that cars get dings.  I think cars get dings because people aren’t “in the moment” when they throw their door open to get in or out of their car.  BE NICE.
–  appreciate that, although the days have been cloudy and mostly gray, we’ve been given another day.  BE NICE.
–  don’t assume everyone is as blessed as you are.  Folks have a unique way of masking unbearable burdens.  Even when you don’t want to be (like when you see a ding in your car door) BE NICE.

I waited until the serious shoppers had gotten to where they needed to be and then I went shopping.  I shopped the art stores, walking up and down every isle.  I talked with some interesting people about what we had in our shopping carts, learned some things and shared stories – I had a ball.

Don’t the holidays make you feel like cooking?  Me too!  But I don’t want to – so I won’t.

Smile for the heck of it – make people wonder what you’re up to 😉

PS:  I’ve told my family that if I EVER suggest making my own Christmas cards again to lock me in a closet until January 1st (we’ll see how next year goes).