Backing Up to Regroup

My wonderful husband has been very patient while I’ve immersed myself in metal. I’ve put my self-imposed Metal Medley (from Bonnie’s Best Art Tools) challenge aside for a little bit.
I needed to make time to help him plan our trip in September to Germany and Italy.

OK – Did That.

NOW – on to making a travel journal utilizing a reversible (brown/black) leather purse that belonged to my grandmother. I’m going to cut out the center and sides and arrange it (this is going to take some serious “car” time) so I can insert and remove travel journals as well as create a place to store a couple of colored pencils and an eraser.

I’ll keep you posted.

PS: Some of my inspirations come to me while I’m in the car – hence “Car” time. I don’t listen to the radio because the ideas don’t come if they have to be heard over noise. That’s all I’m gonna say about that – just thought I’d share 😉