Baby Book for Gabi

This is my granddaughter, Gabi, on Halloween last year – getting ready to jump to her Daddy. She is this happy ALL the time.

I made a baby book to chronicle her growth ( 8 1/2″ x 12″).

I’ve made other baby books for friends using book board to make the covers but I was able to find a raw book board binder on clearance. I stripped the metal rings from the inside and finished as I did the other baby books.(see bottom of post).

The outside and inside were covered using 12 x 12 decorative paper and embellished with pearls, silk flowers, a dimensional butterfly, crystal lacquer, distressed inks and H2O paints. The inside sheets are stepped to provide a 1/2″ space to put the age (all done in excel and printed on a printer) and two hole punched so additional pictures can be added behind the designated growth pictures.

All spare parts were used to decorate the inside of the book and the tab of each page; stickers, dimensional stickers, stamps, ink (each page was distressed), decorative paper, earring, etc.

This is one of my favorite baby books I made for a friend who was expecting a granddaughter. I embellished the cover a lot with H20 paints, a silk flower, buttons and cardboard flowers.

I’ll open a flikr or picassa account and post the others.