ATC – there’s a first time for everything

First, let me apologize for the pictures.  We’re close to finishing my studio and getting my supplies and furniture out of storage.  In the meantime I’m still working on my kitchen counter and, if space wasn’t an issue, it’s been a beautiful rainy day with a gray sky – therefore not the best light for photography.  Wait till you see the home made set up that’s going in my studio.

Twice a month I meet with a group of fabulous artists at Random Arts in Saluda, NC.  It’s a Zen Doodling group – we meet from 10 am to 12 pm to share doodles/tangles and pretty much anything.  It’s a positive group.

At our last meeting we set a challenge for ourselves to bring a doodled ATC ( 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ Artist Trading Card) to the next group.  The only requirement was that it contain the color Orange.

Here are the results of my efforts.


Materials:  Mixed media paper, vintage newspaper, black Micron .005 pen, color pencils, Inktense pencils, Signo white gel pen, pencil, Fluid Matte Medium, black marker


Card:  I cut a 2 1/2″ x 3 1/2″ window in a template from cardboard, a piece of 3″ x 4″ vintage newspaper to draw the design on and a piece of 3″ x 4″ mixed media paper to back the design.  The purpose for the template was to give me a window to help be decide what I wanted keep on the card after I finished it and cut the papers down to size).

IMG_5360 IMG_5361

Design:  First I dry brushed white gesso lightly over the vintage newspaper.   Using a pencil I drew the picture I had drawn on the back of an envelope on the gessoed paper.  As I go along I blend the pencil and color the image with the color pencils and draw over the main pencil lines with the black Micron pen.


Finish:   After the drawing is complete, and prior to cutting down to size, I glue the mixed media paper to the back of the vintage paper and let dry.  Then I applied torn pieces of the vintage paper over mixed media paper with the Matte Medium.  Both sides of the ATC were then brushed with Fluid Matte Medium and let dry.  I used the template to decide what area I want to cut away.  I cut out the ATC and use a marker to blacken the edges.


*  Blending the pencil lines over the gesso was fabulous!  So exciting.

*  The Fluid Matte Medium reconstitutes the white gel ink and smears it.  I had to finagle the white spots a little after I covered it with the medium.

*  My corner rounder is in storage.  I used a dime to round the corners.

*  If I had my distress inks I would have distressed the edges.

*  Woulda/Coulda/Shoulda:  My work is a little stiff (Oh well) and I want to add some words to the surface of the cards.  It’s just that going thru various papers/books to find the right one is so TEDIOUS!  AND my antique typewriters are in storage.  AHHHHHH!


Thoughts?  Have you used a medium over white gel pen with success?