2014 Christmas Card – Panel Book based on Hedi Kyle design


I’ve been doodling some, making books and buying duplicate of art supplies that I can’t get to in “lock up”.  Luckily Random Arts is having their Artist’s yard sale in October and I can sell some of the duplicates there (my studio should be finished by then).

While lost in Pinterest (this should be a sit com) I came across this marvelous tutorial by Jane Davies on creating a Panel Book – see it HERE.  I had been working on a pop-up design for our 2015 Christmas Cards but I like the simplicity of this Panel Book a lot more (it’s got to be easier than my 2011 Christmas Card – HERE).

This is my draft (5 5/8″ x 7 1/4″) of the card.  The panels are a result of the cuts INTO the accordion – so the panels swing open and closed as you open and close the card.  I doodled the letters on mixed media paper and adhered them to the panels.

My plan is to reduce the size and work on the background and cover designs between now and December 25th (yes, I’m one of those that works best under pressure).

Supplies listed below.

I reduced the accordion fold down to 3 panels from 6.
Top view
Single panel view.  The hinge is incorporated into the accordion.

This is SO versatile.

*  The covers are simple card board.  Not sure if I’ll use a heavy card stock or mat board for the finished product.
*  The accordion paper is a light weight (but stiff) decorative paper (original size approx 24″x20″) that I drew some simple designs on.
*  Black card stock (1/”8 larger than the doodled card) was glued to the panel first.
*  I doodled the letters on mixed media paper and glued them on top of the black card stock.
*  I used double sided tape to put the components together but glue stick would work too.

Contact me if you have any questions or have made this before.  I’d love to see a picture.