2012 Declaration

My “Inner-Me” said to me while driving the other day (she always interrupts when I’m driving)…

“You’re not an Impulse Buyer (my favorite excuse for having so much STUFF)

Whew!  I was getting concerned.  “Impulse Buyer” has somewhat of a negative implication where as “opportunity shopper” puts a positive spin on the hoarding of ephemera. 

You too could be an “Opportunity Shopper”…

Top half (4×8) of a wall in my Studio

That it.  That’s my 2012 Declaration.  I’m an OPPORTUNITY SHOPPER.  Not earth shattering by any stretch of the imagination.  But it’s easy to remember.  I’ll be 60 this year so it’s important to keep things easy 😉

If you haven’t already – take a look at the Daily Art Muse curated collection of contemporary fine craft on the web).  It’s awesome!  All art mediums have an opportunity to connect to one another.  A clay piece might inspire a piece of jewelry.  Or jewelry might inspire a scrapbook page, etc.   PS:  The moving advertisements are annoying but, in most cases, worth trying to ignore)