2 Books using a Repurposed Vinyl Banner

A menswear store that had just closed had tossed out a 4’x8′ white vinyl banner with red letters announcing the arrival of a new line of mens underwear (what can be new about mens underwear?). At any rate – I rescued the banner. It appears to be reinforced with threads and is very pliable. I sewed the covers on a sewing machine(piece of cake), glued it and used snaps and rivets.
1st Book: 11″x10″x1″wide: This is the book I take to clay class and insert ideas and instructions. I used all sorts of miscellaneous papers for the signatures. The snaps are strong #20 Tandy snaps.

I couldn’t resist including a red vintage Jim Beam stir stick. It’s held in by a piece of elastic riveted to the back cover – Fun.

2nd Book: 10″x6 1/2″x1″ wide: In addition to using part of the banner, I repurposed a spiral bound paper sample book.

I took out all of my clay sculpting and polymer doll sculpting books, tagged the pages referencing body proportions that I felt would come in hand as a quick reference while at sculpting class, copied and inserted them in this book

This is an unaltered, out of date, paper sample book:

Book closed: In order to get the most out of the banner I cut where I had left off from the previous book. I’ll paint or draw something fun later to go with the letter “F”.

Inside of front cover – you can see where I slipped the spiral bound book in the front and back covers.

The sample book already had tabs – I wrote the parts of the body on sticker labels and put them over the existing tabs for quick reference.

First page in the section of body proportions. The diagrams were backed by black cardstock then glued in the book.

First Page in section of Head proportions:
The possbilities for this banner are endless!