13 More Sleeps Til Christmas

A lot has happened this month…

My long list of “firsts” without Mom is at an end (first Birthday, Easter, Mother’s Day, etc).  She passed away December 3rd, 2010.  I could hear her talking to me as I was lamenting my need to make this year’s Christmas cards.  First she would tell me how pretty the cards were, then she would sigh over how busy I was and how much extra work making cards was adding to my load and then she would suggest I just go buy a box of cards.  Boy I miss her.

Chick & Janet 1982

Our 30th Wedding Anniversary was December 5th (I still get the date confused with the 6th – Chick just rolls his eyes ;). He wanted to do something special that weekend. I reminded him that we went all the way to Italy and that most people would consider that special. Never the less we drove the back roads from Atlanta, GA for two hours to Columbus, GA – destination an antique mall.  We walked the mall (it was HUGE), went to the Columbus Museum (it was not only free but it was beautiful – would definitely go back) went to a movie (OMG – two tickets, popcorn and a soda – $12 TTL) and decided to stay the night. The next day we came home via Alabama (Chick saw a City on the map he wanted to go see) and then came back thru Newnan, GA stopping along the way.  It was a great weekend.  To be honest – it doesn’t take much for the two of us to be entertained 😉  PS: I bought a working 1950’s portable sewing machine for $5 at a roadside yard sale.

Gabi 2011

I’ve been gathering Princess and Dora The Explorer supplies to make a dress-up trunk for my 3 year old Granddaughter for Christmas.  To include tu tu’s, ballet slippers, wands, crowns, re-purposed ballerina music box, etc.  I’m having a blast!  I’ll post what I get accomplished.  But know this…there’s no reason a princess (at any age) should not have at least 1 tu tu in their closet.  They are they so simple to make and can be made in any size and color.  In case you don’t have one I’ll post the instructions after I’ve made Gabi’s.  Picture this – it’s morning and time for you to get out of bed.  You know the day doesn’t have anything exciting in store and you dread getting up.  What if you got up, reached in your closet for a tu tu (smiling already – right?), put it on with a little tank top (colors and patterns don’t have to match) fetched your cup of tea or coffee and toast and sat on your front porch to relax and watch the world go by.  If you weren’t smiling and feeling a lot better by the time you sat down – trust me your neighbors would love you for making their day a little lighter.   I’m just sayin…

The pendant I made out of an old fuse box, found miniature ball player and misc stuff was mentioned on Jewelry Making Daily – a sister blog to Craft, Paper, Scissors.  It’s an interesting post…

Now if I can just stay off Pinterest long enough to get my stuff in gear (and not get side tracked by leather tooling or beaded beads) – I’ll make it by Christmas.