1 Inch Book Pendant

Hi – just messing around and made a 1 Inch Book PendantI put this post together on Valentines day 2012! and it got lost in my drafts folder.  This is great if you have old correspondence that’s dear to you – you don’t want to part with it AND you don’t want to share the contents with others.  Cut it up, bind it and put it on a chain to wear over your heart.

1″ miniature book

This 1.25″x 1″ mini-book was made with:

– scraps of chip board

– 18g silver craft wire
– rubber stamp
– metal corners
– metal eyelets
– metal craft charms
– deckle edged ruler
– screw punch (a small hole punch would work)
– vintage envelope and letter
Cut chip board to size (in this case – 1.25″ x 1″), stamp, drill holes.  Cut the pages from the envelope and letter (in this case vintage) to fit the book – deckle one edge. Drill the holes in the chip board and attach eyelets.  Using the cover as a template, drill holes in the paper.  Wind the craft wire around a dowl or the handle of a large paint brush and screw into the holes in the book. Put the craft charms on a ring and hang from the binding.  The assembly is pretty easy

*note: I get most of metal components from