1 GOOD Excuse, 5+ Reasons and a Flower Press

February 13, 2012 /
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It’s been over a month since my last post!  First and foremost…Is this the cutest picture you’ve ever seen? Gabi opened her dress-up trunk Christmas morning (when this picture was taken).  Stripped down to only the tutu, fairy necklace, magic wand and crown, and holding her new Dora Doll – she twirled on one foot…

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Treasures – I must have been a Pirate in a Previous Life

March 20, 2011 /
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An enabler friend of mine let me know about an artist that was moving to Pittsburgh and having a yard sale. It was a sunny, glorious day – look at the treasures I found… (I’ve included the prices I paid because I like to see what others paid for their treasures and I’ve included my…

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