Metals – I’m just playin

February 17, 2012 /
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These are projects I made for the Bonnie Art Tools at the recent Stamp Festival (the black display cards are made from pre-cut chip board (same boards used for the Flower Press).  Black paper was glued to one side and then edged with various paper tape, holes were drilled, grommets set and ribbon inserted to use as a hanger): Frame…

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Weiner Dog – Metal Letter Stamp Storage

October 24, 2011 /
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I’m rearranging work areas in my Studio.I consolidated my metals work to one table, dedicating the other work table to sculpting. Moving things around usually means I come across something I haven’t had my hands on in a little while and then I’m off. Finding and reviewing some of the videos on got me…

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Butterfly Pin & Metal Corners

January 29, 2011 /
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Two Dilemmas… 1. I didn’t push the development of this butterfly I posted a couple of days ago and it was bugging me …2. The curved, simple, metal corners are a favorite of mine. My friend mentioned the other day she didn’t like them very much and gave me hers. I got to thinking that…

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Play Day and Altered Jewelry

January 27, 2011 /
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I spent time today experimenting with findings (things that go with other things). Bonnie’s Best Art Tools has a sale on enameled metal doo dads (the official name escapes me) that are generally used for decoration by threading a ribbon from side to side. I couldn’t resist a sale and an opportunity to see what…

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